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About us

        >>Graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest, specialization Czech, Slovak and French in 2007.

        >>I have benefited from scholarships at Charles University in Prague, the G.T. Masaryk Universityin Brno, in the Czech Republic and Komensky University in Bratislava. In 2009I graduated from the Master of Cultural Slavonic Studies and Translation at the University of Bucharest.

        >>Translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice in Romania since 2008, I perform notary certified translations, authorized withmy signature and seal or simple translations.

        >>The studies and the experience gained help me find solutions to the most linguistic situations and translate the document in the target language as accurately as possible.

        >>I can translate documents from any field,from legal documents to technical and medical documents. I have a long-term collaboration, based on professionalism with Notary Offices, Courts, The Romanian Police and many translation agencies and companies in Bucharest and across the country. Following the completion of a specialized course, I got the qualifiction of Romanian Language trainer to foreigners.

        >>Experience in the field of Projects financed from European funds (SOPHRD).

        >>Between 1.7.2010 and 1.11.2013 I held the position of Head of study visits – echange of experience within certain transnational projects (between Romania and the Czech Republic).



Czech – Romanian– 10 €/page

Slovak – Romanian – 10€/page

French –Romanian – 5 €/page


Romanian - Czech – 15€/page

Romanian - Slovak a – 15€/page

Romanian - French – 10€/page

Interpretation in Czech and Slovak languages– 35 euro / hour or 100 euro / day

Czech or Slovak language courses - 80 LEI/session

Romanian language courses for foreigners - 80 LEI/session

NOTARY LEGALIZATION - 40 LEI / document (notary fees)

>> The prices are not subject to VAT, the company not beng lliable for VAT.

>> For urgent translations an emergency fee of 50% of the price will be added.

>> For the translation of pre-printed documents (IC, passport, Certificate of registration, Birth, marriage and death certificate,) the price is 8 €.


- For loyal customers, 10% discount on translations from Czech, Slovak and French into Romanian.

If you need translations from any other languages, please do not hesitate to ask us for help – we guarantee that we will resort to the most professional translators amoung our colleagues and we will follow up your requests within the shortest time and at the best price!


Telefon: 0726 471 135

E-mail: catrina.traduceri@yahoo.com

Adresă: Calea Dorobantilor nr. 135-145, bl. 10, sc. C, Ap. 156, sector 1, Bucuresti.