Work with professionals, without intermediaries outside the translators guild!

We are graduates of one of the best faculties of the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, philologists specialized in the field of translations following the graduation of the Master of Slavic Cultural Studies and Translation Studies and numerous study programs in countries whose language we translate.

We have a long-term collaboration, based on professionalism and seriousness, with Notary Offices, Courts, criminal investigation bodies, lawyers.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of translations, we work with passion, professionalism and responsibility and offer you:

Authorized and legalized translations mainly from Slavic languages, but also from the most important languages of international circulation: English and French.

• We are open to collaborations with translation offices from anywhere in the country and abroad.

The activity in this niche field gave us the opportunity to know and recognize the best professional certified translators from the following Slavic languages: Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Polish.

We can offer you interpreting services and Romanian language courses for foreigners and Czech or Slovak language courses for any language level. We can adapt to your needs and we can help you with Czech or Slovak language trainings for certain fields or specializations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote for authorized and legalized translations from these languages. Working with family and friends, we can guarantee you fair prices, which reach a fair proportion to the translator who makes them and who has the most important contribution to the final document.




With us, everything is transparent, clear and understandable to people! Not only Czech and Slovak translations, but also prices!

We offer you legalized translations and authorized translations from CZECH or SLOVAK into ROMANIAN or legalized translations and authorized translations from ROMANIAN into CZECH or SLOVAK.

What does a legalized translation mean?

The translation carried out by a certified translator, specially prepared to be presented to the notary for legalization, who recognizes the translator's specimen submitted in his office and applies the necessary stamps for legalization.

It should be mentioned that a translation performed by a certified translator cannot be legalized anywhere, but at the notary where the translator has submitted his signature specimen.

What does an authorized translation mean?

Authorized translation is the translation that has the stamp and signature of the authorized translator who performed the translation, respectively has at the end of the document the conclusion by which the translator certifies the accuracy of the translation. Authorized translations are translations made by a translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice.


Authorized translation of standardized documents from CZECH or SLOVAK language into ROMANIAN - 50 lei / page.
Authorized translation of ordinary CZECH or SLOVAK documents into ROMANIAN - 55 lei / page.
Authorized translation of CZECH or SLOVAK legal / medical / financial documents into ROMANIAN -min. 65 lei / page.
Translation from ROMANIAN into CZECH or SLOVAK language - from 70 lei.
Translation of documents from ENGLISH or FRENCH into CZECH or SLOVAK - from 70 lei.

Prices are final for 2000 characters including spaces / page.

Discounts: Discounts are negotiable, depending on the number of pages and the deadline, but are not greater than 10% for 50 pages, 5% for 25 pages.

Emergency fees: the emergency fee is 50% of the base price, but can be discussed depending on the number of pages and the delivery time.

Each order receives individual quotations, depending on the customer's requests.

Minimum order value: 1 page

Legalization services: we offer legalization services at a Public Notary for clients who want legalized translations, the fee charged for this service being 70 lei / document (includes the notary's fee). We mention that for the notarial legalization it is necessary that the original document after which the translation was made be presented to the notary.

If the client chooses to go to the notary's office by himself with the translations we are preparing for legalization, the prices are the same as for the authorized translations (prices above).

High difficulty fees: for translations with a high degree of difficulty a 30% difficulty fee is charged (with the client's consent).

Correction: 50% of the above prices.

Czech language courses and Romanian language courses for foreigners

With us, everything is transparent, clear and understandable to people! Not only Czech or Slovak language courses, but also Romanian language courses for foreigners and interpretation services!

In Romanian language courses for foreigners, the languages of instruction that can be used are:
English, French, Czech or Slovak.

The courses can be adapted to any level and to any age of the student.

Price of Romanian language courses for foreigners: 200 lei / session.

Price of Czech / Slovak / French language courses: 150 lei / session.

The duration of a meeting is 90 minutes.

Telephone interpreting services:

Telephone interpreting services consist of mediating communication in Czech and Romanian by telephone.

Interpretation services on site:

On-site interpreting services are provided on the basis of booking an interpreter to attend a face-to- face meeting at a specific location (subject to interpreter availability).

Prices for interpreting services will be set according to the individual conditions of each service.

Courses and Interpretation


Customer recommendations

"Our company needed translations in order to open an account in Romania as a non-resident client. For this procedure I needed to translate the documents and legalize them from Czech into Romanian. I turned to the services of Catrina Traduceri for legalized translations from Czech into Romanian and I was pleasantly surprised by their promptness, kindness and availability. I needed not only translations but also the legalization of a notary public and the sending abroad of the translation. Without any problem, they provided us with all aspects very promptly and at an affordable price.
We recommend with confidence!"

"We recommend Catrina Traduceri's services for professionalism, accurate and fast translations. Also, competitive prices have made us our first choice for more than 10 years. Thank you and we wish you much success in your business!"


Future Technology Design

"Catrina Traduceri always offers quality translations from Slavic languages ​​and shows professionalism in projects worked together."

Lăcrămioara - individual client

"At Catrina Traduceri we met professionals who translate technical texts from the Slavic languages ​​into Romanian, respecting our deadline and requirements. Also, the communication is efficient and correct, and the results are very good."




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